• Jedi Training AcademyIs the Force strong with you?
  • GomzulAncient Gargoyle city, discovered underneath Luna.
  • Sith Training FacilityThe Dark side is powerful!
  • Nurhaci DungeonHome to the Remains of Nurhaci and the Golden Idol.
  • Palace of GloomCan you help Jonesy survive the Palace of Gloom?
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Welcome to UO-The Expanse, a.k.a. The Expanse®-

(not affiliated with The Expanse tv series)

At this time UO-The Expanse freeshard is temporarily offline until a new hosting solution is found. We apologize for the downtime, and appreciate your patience. Development of UO-The Expanse is continuing in the interim, including a new custom desktop, new artwork, and a complete 'shard repack that will be available for download. Please keep an eye on UO-The Expanse forums, Facebook, or Twitter for any updates. - Raist(5-1-2017, updated 4-21-2022)

UO-The Expanse: the (edu) Repack with Blue Magic Expansion by PeoharenUO-The Expanse: the (edu) RepackUO-The Expanse: the (edu) Repack
(Thumbnail caption: UO-The Expanse: the (edu) Repack. Coming Friday, December 2nd, 2022...)

There are tons of UO free shards out there, UO-The Expanse will be the last 'shard you play on, because this 'shard offers a fun and exciting "base" UO experience, with typical content up to Stygian Abyss, plus over 4,600 files that comprise the "custom content". What does this mean? Simply put, the basic "OSI-style" shard is there and available, but the extra content added on top of it, is what makes it stand apart from every other 'shard. There will always be plenty of things to do by yourself, or with friends, or your guild. New content is constantly being created and added! The forums are full of great support information from players and staff alike. Some of the content on the website and forums is unique to UO-The Expanse, like an online and in-game bestiary! Please go to the Connecting Info page to get more information on how to connect and play.


CURRENT EXPANSION: Stygian Abyss with custom content

We do accept donations here. Players are not obligated to do so and we will never force players to donate. Donations can help cover costs like; web hosting, shard hosting, and shard maintenance. With that in mind, if you would like to donate, please click the donation button below. Donations are given to the parent company, #ColoringTherapy/A.J. Bruner® for handling the above mentioned costs.

UO-The Expanse is an English-based Ultima Online free shard that is currently operating Stygian Abyss, with a massive amount of custom content.

CURRENT CUSTOM PATCH: v2.0 (Final Live, official release date is January 1st, 2017)

Check out our YouTube Channel for our videos!

While we try to keep things as close to OSI-style as possible, we do have some interesting features added to make things more enjoyable.

  • Evolution Weapons
  • Vampires and Werewolves (NOTE: You cannot create these when selecting a new character, but you can contract the disease by being bitten in-game.)
  • 24/7 Staff support (automated in-game support, combined with forums)
  • Reward Scrolls system used for purchasing hundreds of different reward items.
  • In-depth Gardening, Herbing, and Cooking.
  • Numerous custom deco items, with an improved house deco tool and yard wand as well
  • Sleepable beds
  • Custom-sized gardens and vineyards for Player houses.
  • Over two dozen custom crafting systems!
  • Casino Games, Battle Chess, Yahtzee, Lottery System, Bomberman, Sheep a Tron, and more!
  • In-game Instant Messaging....and more!
  • Monster Burial System, Goldpanning, and Graverobbing
  • Rainbow Mounts - Res owner's on death.
  • Postal System with Address book and a mailbox for Player houses.
  • Greek Underworld expansion with new dungeons, items and bosses in a Doom-like gauntlet.
  • New Player Dungeon (specifically geared towards new characters on UO-The Expanse for FAST SKILL GAINS!)
  • Hundreds of custom monsters
  • Advanced Pet System complete with breeding, pet leveling and increased elemental damage after level 35.
  • House Pets
  • Vanity Pets
  • Over a dozen custom dungeons.
  • Custom Holiday Content (Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
  • Bless Bags and Crafting Bags
  • Skill Ball and Stat Ball for new characters
  • Stat Window for checking all your character's stats
  • PvP Point System (Rewards can be purchased with Points received from honorable combat).
  • Quest Points System (Rewards can be purchased with Points received from completing certain quests).
  • Faction Points System (Reward can be purchased with Points received from doing faction related quests and more).
  • Tons of custom quests
  • Indiana Jones™ tribute, as Jonesy Ford, with engaging storyline and quests, new dungeons and items, plus Artifact Crafting!
  • Book Publisher (Write your own material and allow other players to purchase your books)
  • Hundreds of custom artifacts
  • Tour Guide
  • Auctions
  • Custom Artwork
  • Custom House Deco (Walls, Doors, etc)
  • Custom Maps
  • Star Wars™ expansion offers 3 new playable classes: Jedi, Jedi Exile and Sith! Also with Lightsaber crafting, new dungeon and Peerless bosses!
  • Evil Dead™ tribute as Deadly Evil! Complete with Haunted House location, "the cabin in the woods", and a champ spawn with a new boss!
  • Atlantis: the Underwater Kingdom custom expansion (introduced 3 new monster animations and Ultimate Animal Competitions [strictly simulated!], and a new boss)!
  • Slender tribute as Slenderman (custom map to gather the scrolls about Slenderman, including the first "cut scene" on UO-The Expanse)!
  • Sailboat Transportation system for Trammel.
  • Townhouses (Rentals, Rent-To-Own and Buy Outright)
  • Player Vendor Mall (players can purchase a stall from the Mall Manager and place their vendor(s) on each purchased stall tile.)
  • OSI Factions, plus expandable, custom factions!
  • and lots more! You have to play to believe!

Use the menu towards the top of the page to get more information about this shard. Our forums are up and running, so if you're a new visitor, or a returning player, make sure you register on the forums to get a complete list of current additions to The Expanse and details about upcoming content!